HISCO Group Limited is a dynamic family company founded by an entrepreneur the late Mr. T.D. Kotecha in 1956. It was incorporated in the same year. Its core business at that time was hardware and general dealers. But over the years, it’s transformed into a home and office business. The company is also offering advertising, printing and mechanical services to a wide range of its clients. This is in line with its vision of creating a one-shop solution for its clients and reputation built on performance.


Through Its years of experience and solid track record, the company has also established for itself a solid reputation for its ability to handle large-scale and complex projects and needs for its clients.

We are committed to delivering a superior customer experience. We provide economical and efficient solutions to our client’s challenges. We take ownership of the Issues and understand our responsibility and commitment to our clients. The company prides itself as being very flexible and reacting quickly to customer needs as well as market demands.

1. Mr. Mahesh Kotecha — CEO/Managing Director

2. Mrs. Vina Kotecha - Financial Director

3. Mr. Millan Kotecha — Director

We are a service company whose mission is to provide efficient solutions to our customers’ challenges and be a resource to our industry.

We will accomplish this through knowledgeable highly skilled people who are committed to integrity and to identify and respond to our customers’ needs with appropriate solutions.

Our financial strength comes from the depth of our experience established over the decades of history. Our company has grown to accommodate our largest projects and has helped to grow over the years. The long standing stability, along with our commitment to building excellence, provides our clients with the peace of mind and confidence that we have the resources to stand behind our work for many years to come.

A commitment is only good as the company that makes it, providing services that are economical, reliable and efficient has been our commitment since 1956. We have the experience and personnel to provide the highest quality on schedule.

Quality: Building excellence

Safety: No task is so important that we can’t find a safe way to do it

Integrity: We do the right thing for our clients and employees. We do what we say.

Resourcefulness: We are can-do, get-it-done company.

Profitability: We provide great value for a fair return. We strategically re-invest our profits to maintain operational excellence.

Customer Satisfaction: We listen, we build relationships and we stand behind our work.

Economic Inclusion: We are dedicated to being top—of-class in providing mentoring and opportunities for emerging firms through our services and products.

Innovation: We collaborate to innovate and deliver the highest expertise.

Social Responsibility: We are committed to the community, environment and employees.

Hisco Group limited has subsidiaries within the group. These include:




MSB Zomba Banking Hall Cubicles

 Msb Zomba Banking Hall Cubicles

National Bank Liwonde Banking Hall Cubicles

 National Bank Liwonde Banking Hall Cubicles

MSB Chikhwawa Banking Hall Cubicles

MSB Chikhwawa Banking Hall Cubicles


Aluminium Framing

 Alluminium Framing

MSB Zomba Dry Wall Partitioning

 Msb Zomba Dry Wall Partitioning

NBS Zomba Banking Hall Cubicles

 Nbs Zomba Banking Hall Cubicles


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